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There are some problems that every human have to face but till now no ultimate solution has been found. Cataract is also one of these diseases that occur in almost 90% of the humans. The disease is not only confined to the humans but cats and dogs also fall prey to it. However, there are a number of solutions that have been presented by medical practitioners to cure this issue in humans. There is a need to understand why this problem actually occurs and what are the things that stimulate the growth of this disease in humans? Focusing on the human beings, the article covers the symptoms, reasons and the cure of the cataracts.

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Cataracts is a disease in which the eye sight of the person starts to reduce and he can no more see the things clearly. This happens in the very first stage of the disease. In severe conditions, the patient may lose his ability to see the things and may become blind. Color blindness may occur as a result of cataracts. Hazy and blur vision is among the other common results of the disease. This disease is equally common in men and women and usually become visible with the passage of time. Most of the people do not give any importance to the disease during its initial phases and then have to face the music in the later stages when there remains no other option except going for the surgery.

Causes of cataracts
There are so many causes of cataracts. As a person grows older, his circulation system becomes weak and proper blood is not supplied to the eye lens. Toxic substances start to accumulate on the lens making it weak and inefficient. This gives rise to the chances that the person will now develop cataracts. However, aging up is not the only reason of cataracts. Many older people can clearly see the things without even using the spectacles. Some of the major causes of cataracts include over exposure to sunlight, use of toxic elements, and external use of ointments with unbalanced pH. Avoiding these things may give you better sight for a longer period of time.

It is quite easy to judge if the problem is developing in your eyes. You will see the things go blurry when you try to concentrate on them. A white shadow will come before the things you see. You will feel headache while focusing on the things. There are many other symptoms that can easily be judged by the patient himself. Always make sure whether you have cataracts or not by going through some diagnostic tests available in hospitals.

Even though there are so many precautions that can be followed to avoid cataracts. However, if you have got the disease then it is the time to find a good cure. Some of the people may recommend you to go for surgery but similar to dog cataracts, there are some drops for humans too. Try these drops and there are high chances that they will solve your issue.

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